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Welcome to New Medical Practice (www.newmedpractice.com)!

New Medical Practice is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peak Performance Physicians, LLC,
a physician practice advisory company headquartered in New Orleans, LA.

Due to our extensive involvement in assisting physicians regarding the establishment of their medical practices over the past 20 years, mostly through our relationships with various hospitals across the United States, we have decided to offer our Physician Practice Start-up System as a package to those who would like to perform these services on an onsite basis through our licensing agreement. In addition, we also offer our implementation services on a practice specific basis.

Our Physician Practice Start-up System involves a turnkey approach to ensure that all of the logistical and operational components involved in a medical practice are properly implemented.

A recent study indicated that 50% of physicians leave after the first two (2) years in practice! Since the number two reason physicians choose to leave a practice setting is due to the fact that the practice was not properly established or that the community need had not been sufficiently documented (incidentally, the number one reason is spouse dissatisfaction), our Physician Practice Start-up System ensures that the physician practice will be successful from both an operational and compliance standpoint. Furthermore, hospitals should offer new physicians a formal physician practice start-up system as part of their overall physician recruitment and retention program.

We invite you to review the various components of our Physician Practice Start-up System. In addition, we have made available our Physician Practice Start-up System Checklist for those physicians and hospitals who would like to implement these operational components on their own.

For further information regarding either the licensing of our Physician Practice Start-up System or our implementation services on a practice specific basis, please contact the following:


or you can visit our other websites:

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